Protect Your Stone Surfaces this Winter with Proper Maintenance

So far we’ve had a mild winter in Kansas City, with above average temperatures and very little snow. But we all know the snow and ice will make an appearance eventually. After investing time, money, and effort into installing your stone patio, walkway, pool deck, or other stone surface, it’s important to protect it. Winter weather can be very unkind of stone. Ice, snow, and even heavy rain can cause damage to your stone elements, but there are precautions you can take to keep them protected and looking like new.

Start by removing all of your patio furniture. Heavy furniture can crack or fracture stone when temperatures drop to severely cold levels. Next, make sure to sweep away all the leaves and wash your patio to remove any mold or mildew that could breed during the winter. Use a brush with stiff bristles and water to clean your stone surfaces. If you have grease or grill stains, a degreaser can help remove these. Mild detergent can be used to clean some stone. Some types of stone need special care. The experts at Stone Solutions would be happy to give you guidance on the best way to clean your specific type of stone.

The next step you should take is to seal your paver stones. Sealer prevents ice and water from seeping into your stones and helps keep them from getting chipped or scraped. It can also help prevent weeds from growing between the stones. We can recommend the best sealer for your stone and advise you on how often to reapply the sealer.

When the snow and ice finally hits, you may be tempted to use a deicer. Resist this temptation. The salt can be corrosive and damage the stone. It can also get mixed with water and seep into the pavers where it may refreeze, expand, and cause flaking, discoloration, and other problems. Kitty litter or sand are also good options to create traction on your stone surfaces.