Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with a Paver Driveway

If you want your home to make a statement, consider a paver driveway. Paver driveways are a great choice for a new or replacement driveway. They offer beauty, durability, and low maintenance. Stone Solutions has everything you need to create the perfect paver driveway.

Poured concrete is by far the most common type of material used for driveways, but that does not mean it is the best. Paver driveways offer a number of benefits over poured concrete driveways. Continue reading

Show Off Your Culinary Skills with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

The weather is warming up in Kansas City, signaling the beginning of the outdoor entertaining season. But if cooking is part of your entertainment plans, you may find yourself segregated from the party, stuck inside doing food preparation while your guests are all outside enjoying the festivities. A custom outdoor kitchen is the perfect solution. You can still show off your culinary skills without being hidden away indoors. Continue reading

Create a Beautiful Backyard Basketball Court with Brick Pavers

It’s March Madness time, a time when even the most casual college hoops fan develops basketball fever. With basketball on the brain, you may be looking for a place to shoot some hoops or take out your frustrations over your broken bracket. Whether you’re a serious basketball player or someone who just likes to shoot hoops occasionally, having your own backyard basketball court offers a number of benefits. This is especially true if you have kids. They can play basketball to their hearts content while giving you the peace of mind of knowing where they are and that there is no danger of them chasing a loose ball out into traffic. Continue reading

The Benefits of Adding Hardscaping to Your Landscape

Many people put a lot of thought and energy into creating a beautiful landscape, but overlook the importance of hardscaping. While patios may be the first thing that come to mind when you think of hardscaping, it includes much more than that. Hardscaping is all of the non-living components of your landscape, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, waterfalls, ponds, pergolas, planting beds, outdoor lighting, and more. It is a crucial component in landscape design. Incorporating well-designed hardscaping into your landscape provides a number of benefits. Continue reading

Winter is the Perfect Time to Plan Spring Hardscaping Projects

During the winter months, landscaping is all but forgotten as the grass and plants go dormant and temperatures drop. But this can actually be a great time to think about your hardscaping. By starting now, you will have ample time to thoroughly plan and design your projects as well as purchase materials. You’ll be ready to begin construction as soon as the weather warms up and be enjoying your new hardscaping while your neighbors are still in the planning stages. Continue reading

Planning Your Paver Patio

A paver patio is a great way to make use of your outdoor space. A well-designed patio can serve a variety of purposes, from creating a place to entertain to providing a private spot to relax and unwind. Planning is the key to getting the patio you want. If a new patio is in your future, start planning now so you’re ready to start the installation as soon as warm weather returns in the spring. Continue reading