Monthly Archives: April 2016

Get Your Home Warm Weather Ready Today

You have been staring at your patio for the past few chilly months dreaming about the day that you can finally go outside and enjoy it in the warm sun. The problem is, that patio is just a patio and sooner or later the novelty of simply standing outside will wear off. Give you and your family the gift of endless warm weather entertainment by installing a pizza oven with the help of Stone Solutions to enjoy all spring and summer long. Continue reading

Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

Spring has sprung, and you want to spend more time outdoors, but once the sun goes down, your property simply is not bright enough to be enjoyed. This may not have bothered you in the winter, but now that the weather has warmed, you want to make the most out of your outside space, day or night. That is why spring is the perfect time for you to install outdoor lighting around your home. Continue reading