Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall is a Great Time to Install a New Patio

When it comes to installing a patio or other outdoor living projects, most people think spring and summer are the best times. There’s a common misconception that patios cannot be installed in the cooler months. But fall, and even early winter if the weather is mild, can actually be a great time to install your new patio. Continue reading

Fall Weather is Perfect for Gathering around a Fire Pit

Fall is finally here, bringing crisp, cool weather with it. Even when the weather is warm during the day, the shorter days mean cooler evening temperatures. What better way to enjoy these cool autumn nights than sitting around the warm glow of a patio fire pit? Whether you’re entertaining a group or having a romantic evening for two, a fire pit provides the warmth and soft light needed to extend your time outdoors in comfort. Fall and fire pits were made for each other. Continue reading